How it all started?

My fiancee and I were sipping some cocktails in Bali and got the idea of starting this business. Not really... just kidding.

The truth is, in September 2017, after an amazing holiday in Bali, we were thinking of ways for me to build something for myself.

So we started thinking about what I could have done...and we thought about creating and selling wall prints!

After 2-3 weeks, TYPE BY ME was LIVE!

I spent every single evening creating new designs, every single weekend that we were spending together, we were building the website, social media pages and all the essential things that needed to be done to get going.

Now, I fully manage TYPE BY ME.

I love connecting with women on Instagram and seeing how they decorate their homes.

 I hope you are happy with my designs and I can't wait to see more pictures

of your beautiful homes with my wall prints.

Denise x